Our Process
Initial meeting
The initial meeting allows Energy Partners Alliance to introduce our company and determine what your company is trying to achieve with a lighting upgrade. Energy Partners will discuss the different types of lighting systems available based on the application that fits your company‘ s needs. A preliminary plan will be put in place and Energy Partners Alliance will schedule a time to do an lighting audit of your facility.

Lighting Audit
One or more Energy Partners Alliance representatives will perform a lightiing audit of your facility. As a part of the audit, Energy Partners will determine the number of light fixtures in your facility, their light levels and the applications they serve. In addition we will make note of your company’s operating hours and the different types of lamps and ballasts throughout your facility.

Project Planning
The information from the audit will be used to design a specific lighting plan that will take advantage of energy savings and maximize light levels throughout your facility. It is important that each different area be addressed to assure that the plan will meet the specific needs of your employees.

Energy Partners Alliance will present a proposal to your company that will combine the results of the audit and project plan to form a detailed breakdown of the project. Energy Partners will thoroughly discuss all the data and the specifics of the plan to make sure the client is comfortable with the process. We expect several questions during this time and look forward to the opportunity to further discuss the project. At this time, Energy Partners Alliance will begin the paperwork to secure any available utility company rebates.

Pre-Construction Audit
If it is determind that the proposal is satisfactory, Energy Partners Alliance will conduct a second audit. During the pre-construction audit, fixture counts and specifications are verified, and we will discuss the specifics of the projects and any special requests the company may have at that time. If there is a desire to have some test fixtures installed, those will be done in coordination with this audit.

Project Installation
Once both parties have a signed contract, materials are ordered and utility rebate inspections are scheduled. Energy Partners Alliance’s Project Manager and the key people at the facility will meet to determine the project schedule and discuss any installation issues that either party may have. It is extremely important to Energy Partners that this project results in minimal disruption do the daily activities at your facility.

Project Installation times will vary based on the project size, the type of fixtures being installed as well as the time frame desired by the customer. All materials and trash will be properly disposed of by Energy Partners Alliance. Recycling and disposal certificates will be provided to the customer following installation.

Once the project is completed a Post-Installation audit will be done with the key people at the facility. Any final issues and requests will be addressed at this time. All labor and materials will be warrantied by Energy Partners Alliance. Some excess materials will be left at the facility and the warranty program will be explained. Energy Partners will continue to have ongoing conversations with the customer to insure satisfaction with the project.