What is a Lighting Retrofit?

A Lighting Retrofit consists of doing an audit of your facility and designing a system that will provide the most energy efficiency while providing the proper amount of light for the work applications in your facility whether it be manufacturing, educational or office space. In most cases, your energy usage from lighting will be reduced between 35-50% while improving the light output by up to 30%.

Who does the lighting retrofit work?

Energy Partners Alliance has our own crew whom have been together over 5 years. All work will be coordinated to fit your business schedule in order to minmize the disruption to your daily activities. In addition, Energy Partners Alliance will handle all material recycling and warranties on the lighting system.

How will the Lighting retrofit affect my electric bill?

Our clients have kept records over the last 15 years and have consistently saved an average of 20% on their electricity bill after we completed a lighting retrofit.

What are the available rebates?

Many of the Utility Companies are offering rebates to their customers for installing energy-efficient lighting systems. Oncor, Centerpoint, AEP and OG&E are just a few of the utility companies currently offering rebates. The amount of the rebate varies but is usually approximately 25%-50% of the cost of the lighting retrofit.

Energy Partners Alliance will complete all the neccesary paperwork and do all Measurement and Verification required by the utlity company to qualify your facility for the rebate. Over the years, Energy Partners Alliance has secured over $4,000,000 in rebates for our customers.

I lease my building, should I consider a retrofit?

Absolutely. In many cases, the tenant is responsible for the electricity costs. Most lighting retrofits have a less than two year payback and will reduce your operating costs from the first day. In some situations, the landlords are agreeing to pay for the lighting retrofit in exchange for an lease extension. A win-win for everyone!

Can the lighting retrofit be financed?

Yes. Energy Partners Alliance has a relationship with several funding sources to finance lighting retrofit projects. In many cases, the monthly finance payment will be less than the monthly savings from the retrofit leading to positive cash flow from the first day. Click here for more information on financing.