Did you know that lighting consumes 25-40% of energy in commercial buildings, and is one of the primary sources of heat gain and waste heat? Excess heat and energy can be reduced by implementing an energy-efficient lightning system. Upgraded lighting systems can also improve lighting quality to increase occupant comfort and productivity.

In today's economy, businesses are analyzing all expenses to see if savings are possible. Very few regular fixed costs can be dramatically decreased the way lightning can. Property managers, operations executives and building owners are quick to recognize savings potential and methods for creating long-term positve cash flow. 80-86% of every dollar spent on the cost of lighting is spent on electricity.

Upgrading inefficient and outdated lighting systems, particularly in buildings constructed prior to 1986, with energy-efficient technologies is a short payback investment that achieves substantial savings. In many cases, the local utility company will offer rebates to assist with the project. The actual cost of a lighting retrofit can typically be recouped in just two or three years! Most projects can be financed and installed with no initial capital outlay and achieve an immediate positve cash flow!

Energy Partners Alliance has a fifteen year history as one of the leading energy services and management companies specializing in energy efficient lighting retrofit programs and Energy Management Systems. EPA can help you maximize energy savings and improve light quality with the least possible disruption to your operations. We have improved lighting systems at hundreds of facilities including large manufacturing companies, office buildings, warehouses and schools.

As utility rates continue to increase, the time to act is now. To discuss a lighting survey of your property and the latest energy efficient solutions to immediately reduce your energy costs, please contact Energy Parterns Alliance today!